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Full text of "The Cambridge Natural History"

FlGL 246,óLepus cuni&ulus. Skull. A, Lateral view ; B, ventral view.
Angular process of mandible ; as, alisplienoid (external pterygoid process) ;
external auditory meatus ; b.oct basioccipital j &.sp/&, basispheuoid ; amd, coiidyle;
cor, coronoid process ; fr, frontal ;, inter-parietal ; fu, jugal; Icr, laclsrynjal;
max, maxilla; mts, nasal ;, optic foramen; o.^A, orbitosphcnoid ; pa, parietal;
pal, palatine ;, palatine plate of maxilla; paltp.iniax) palatine process of
premaxilla ; par.oc^ paroccipital process ; peri, periotlc ; p. max, preiuaxilla; pif
pterygoid ; &.t.sq> post-tympanic process of squamosal; ^.oc, snpraoccipital; a^f
squamosal ; ty.bul tympanic Iralla; t?o, vomer; zyg^nc^c^ zygomatic process of
maxilla. (From Parker and Hiisvrell's